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Server Configuration

Server Configuration

Server Requirement

  • PHP 5.4 to 7.0
  • MySQL 5.X
  • cURL enable
  • Mbstring enable
  • Safe-mode = off
  • No value of open-basedir
  • Mode_rewrite enable
  • Allow_url_fopen = on

Server Problem & Solutions

If you face 404 page not found or 500 internal server error problem during installation (yourdomain/home/installation), It may happen for one of the 3 reason. Check each one and fix it. Your problem will be solved.

  • First make sure, there is the .htaccess file in the root. if not extract file in local pc and copy the .htaccess file which is in the root and upload it to the server.
  • Make sure your server has mod_rewrite enable. If not , then enable it.
  • If mod_rewrite is enabled,then make sure it is AllowOverride All for your domain in httpd.conf or apache.conf